About Me & My Business

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I spent 15 years as an award-winning broadcast journalist, with experience working in some of Canada’s most demanding newsrooms, such as CTV National News, CTV Calgary, Canada AM and City TV. I’ve also worked as a public relations professional and media trainer.

Some of the assignments that stand out for me include responding to Hurricane Katrina for the Canadian Red Cross, following a group of Canadian soldiers through their field training for Afghanistan as a journalist and winning an RTDNA award for those stories, and writing a comedy script for an event hosted by award-winning comedian Brent Butt.


Here is a little bit more about my consultancy, Create That Communications:


Mission Statement

Every business has a story to tell. I help businesses define their story, and determine the best way to tell that story to their preferred audience. I help businesses use their own quality content to enhance operational performance, and help them reach their goals. I provide my skills in flexible portion sizes, so senior-level communications and marketing strategy is within reach for any organization.


Create That Communications works with like-minded businesses, who believe in the power of a good story. We deliver value that can be measured in operational performance, not just content produced. However, we also believe in the inherent value of quality content –which is a product, not a service– and one we stand behind. We have expert-level knowledge of marketing and communications best practices, but we are not hemmed in by the standard way of doing things. There truly are no limits on the ways in which you can reach your audience. We embrace the creative, the new and the never-before-tried. We don’t do anything just because “that’s the way everyone else does it.”



  • Gratitude: I can hardly believe how lucky I am to have spent my life telling stories. I’m so grateful my clients trust me to tell theirs, and I want this to show in everything I do.
  • Humility: My clients know their business best. I approach each project like an enthusiastic learner.
  • Compassion & Generosity: I offer my skills pro bono wherever I can, because I believe in the power for storytelling for all. I believe nothing stirs compassion in an audience like a well told story.
  • Authenticity: I believe I can be of the most help to my clients when I speak the truth and encourage them do the same. My life in this business has taught me that audiences connect with the real.